GIV Bahamas unveils flagship website

GIV Bahamas Inc. presents its assets, affiliates and company news all on one easy to navigate platform 

It all began more than 12 years ago, when Peter Nicholson was introduced by a friend to Tyrone Munroe.

Nicholson had been in the finance and tax reduction business for years. Munroe, a successful operations manager, was born in The Bahamas, and lived in Canada for about 30 years.

home-2016-02Nicholson was interested in offering the ultimate tax shelter for his Canadian clients. As Canadians, if you spend more than half the year abroad, the country you call home is where you pay income and capital gains tax. In the case of The Bahamas, that tax is zero. For Munroe, who left The Bahamas decades earlier seeking opportunity, he would now find it back in his homeland.

Fast forward a few years, and several investments later, the two are pleased to unveil the website of their flagship operation, GIV Bahamas Inc. providing an expansive platform of company interests and investments in Exuma, The Bahamas.

“It is with great pride that GIV Bahamas Inc. offers this platform to prospective investors, villa renters, villa buyers, or anyone who wants to learn more about what we do,” said Shonalee Munroe, the CEO of GIV Bahamas Inc. “From real estate, to marketing, to restaurants, to government relations, to media relations, to philanthropy and community works, we are proud of the work we do and what we have been able to accomplish in The Bahamas.”givexuma1-11

In addition to the villas for rent and sale at Grand Isle Resort, the website reviews GIV Bahamas Inc. many programs and affiliations, such as the Run for Pompey, When Pigs Swim™, Ty’s Sunset Bar & Grill, Catch A Fire, Prospect Point House, the Exuma Foundation of Canada and the Ride for Exuma.

The new website also includes a “News” section, along with an upcoming “Exuma Guide”, which will provide a full list of recommended Exuma resorts, restaurants, attractions, historical points of interest and everything else in between. The guide will serve as a website version of the existing Exuma Dream App, which can be downloaded to your smartphone from Google Play or the Apple Store for free.
As GIV Bahamas Inc. continues to grow, giving back to the community has been a focus for the company’s leadership.  “Together we can achieve much and bring Exuma into the mainstream economy of The Bahamas for generations to  come”, says Munroe, Partner and Director of GIV Bahamas Inc.

Run for Pompey, an annual run for the island, has continued to attract runners on the island and from abroad; raising thousands of dollars each year for The Pompey Scholarship. This award is given annually to a high school student so he or she can attend university or

Ride for Exuma, an annual cycling event, raises money for a variety of needs on the island. Last year, the ride helped to purchase a hospital bus with the money raised.  The will be used to assist the sick and elderly in reaching the island’s brand new hospital.
GIV Bahamas Inc. hgivexuma-263as representatives on the Board of the Directors of both the Exuma Foundation and the Exuma Foundation of Canada.

“Exuma is part of who we are,” said Nicholson, Partner and  Director at GIV Bahamas Inc. “We believe rising tides lift all boats, and we are committed to growing with Exuma and making it a better place in the process.”