Holiday heat is on

The stockings are hung. There are lights hanging off palm trees. Festive music is playing around the bar at Palapa for all those hot, sunny days and tropical nights.

The holidays in Exuma are just like anywhere else.

OK, so it’s not quite like anywhere else. We keep all the best parts, but lose the cold. It definitely explains why Grand Isle Resort & Spa is filled to the brim this holiday season, with cold North Americans and Europeans clamoring at our door.

One Toronto family was so desperate to stay here that, after pressuring me on the phone with threats and intimidation, they finally resorted to compliments and flattery.

“Sharon, if anyone can pull this off, you can,” he said.
I caved briefly, sarcastically replying: “There are no villas available, what do you want me to do give you mine?”
“Yes!” came the fast reply.

Just like that: I’m homeless for Christmas!

Oh well, I have a week to come up with something. Even Peter Nicholson, the majority villa owner at Grand Isle, has given up his penthouse for the holiday season. ‘Tis the season, I suppose, with goodwill towards men, and all that. Peter plans on fitting his entire family into a one-bedroom villa. These homes are spacious, but instead of sugarplums dancing in his head, Peter’s three little kids will be dancing ON his head.

Don’t feel sorry for Peter, as our one-bedroom villas are gorgeous! And we all want to do what we can to accommodate visitors so that they can have the Grand Isle experience. There is truly nothing like Christmas at Grand Isle.

When you come to visit us, whether Christmas or later, you must check out our very popular SeaStar Spa. Grand Isle has the name “spa” in it for a reason. I would recommend a deep tissue or Balinese message, or an exotic coconut rub and milk ritual wrap bath. Or how about the frangipani salt glow, with massage therapist Kat Robbins? One hour with Kat in the spa will turn what was once a tense, frozen North American into a relaxed, mindless rag doll. Visitors are amazed by the magic of Kat.

And if you begin to feel guilty that you’re having too much fun and relaxation, and want to stay in shape, check out our Fitness Center. Talk about a room with a view! A stunning view of the ocean can definitely ease the pain of running on that treadmill.

Every way you look at it, Grand Isle has your back!

The lure of this wonderful resort is even more intense with the season upon us, and I hear that from now until May, there will be very heavy traffic. But don’t be discouraged. I will go to the wall to get you in, but obviously, the safest way to ensure that you’re not disappointed is to buy a villa!

Sales are brisk, and I have a couple of tremendous deals right now. I still have some villas selling in the $350/$400 per sq. ft. range.

Compare that a similar high-end resort in British Virgin Islands, for example, which sells for $2,000 per sq. ft., and you’ll understand just how incredible some of our prices are right now. The lowest priced inventory is almost gone, and then it’s on to the second tier, and beyond. Two bedrooms are our biggest sellers right now – bay view, garden view and ocean view. These villas are two stories and almost 2500 sq. ft. And absolutely gorgeous. One bedrooms, almost 1400 sq. ft., are our biggest renter. I can rarely get in to show them!

So what are you getting for Christmas? How about a beautiful villa at Grand Isle Resort & Spa? Every year, as you revel in the lights, stockings and festive music, and take in a luxurious spa treatment, you’ll be glad you did.

See you in paradise.

— Sharon Dunn