Global TV spotlights Exuma

A major Canadian broadcaster recently cast a huge spotlight on Exuma, Grand Isle and the famous swimming pigs in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism of the Bahamas.

The Global Television Network, known as the second most-watched network in the country, aired footage of Exuma on Nov 20 during its morning show. The 30-minute spot was just the beginning of a week-long spotlight, as GIV Bahamas Inc. facilitated a four-night giveaway contest at Grand Isle Resort & Spa.

The interview, led by Ambrose Morris, the Communications Manager at the Bahamas Tourism Office in Toronto, included an interactive segment with Leslie Huyler, a Bahamian mixologist who concocted the special “Exuma Blue” drink for on-air hosts.

“We are very thankful to the Ministry of Tourism for this unique opportunity to showcase Exuma and Grand Isle Resort & Spa,” said Jeff Todd, the Director of Communications for WCPD Inc. and GIV Bahamas Inc. “As Exuma continues to grow, we are committed to reaching out to the general public to make sure they know about the best in the Bahamas.”

The collaboration with Global TV in Toronto is especially important, he added, because of the city’s direct flight to Exuma. Air Canada Vacations flies directly into George Town International Airport on Thursdays and Sundays during peak season, and on Sundays all year-round.

During the segment, as Morris discussed the destination, breathtaking photos of Exuma’s famously blue waters and 365 islands were broadcast to the masses, along with shots of Grand Isle’s luxurious villas, extensive amenities and sparkling resort campus. The island’s famous swimming pigs provided some comic relief, as the hosts made reference to GIV Bahamas Inc.’s new documentary – When Pigs Swim.

You can view a preview of When Pigs Swim here –

An in-show contest continued for another week, whereby anchors reviewed the prize package with graphics and photos, letting viewers know how to enter on Global TV’s website.

Exuma, located just south of Nassau, has enjoyed a major boost in airlift and tourism in recent years as tourists seek a more pristine and adventurous alternative.

In a recent issue of Islands magazine, Exuma and its 364 islands were hailed as the “Maldives of this hemisphere” due to the incredible waters, connection to nature and the thousands of secluded beaches.