First ever “App” arrives in Exuma

After a relaxing holiday at Grand Isle Resort & Spa, there are some things every guest can agree on: the villas are large and luxurious, the amenities are amazing and the Exuma cays are pristine, exclusive and untouched.

But is there enough to do?

Of course, anyone who travels to Exuma regularly knows the island chain is full of activities and adventure. You just have to know where to look.

This basic truth was the inspiration behind the ExumaDREAM app – a first not only the island, but the Bahamas at large.

Brought to you by GIV Bahamas Inc., this application serves as an all-purpose guide to the island of Exuma, with comprehensive and reliable listings for transportation, resorts, restaurants, activities, historical points of interest and places of worship.

“We believe that Exuma is stronger when people are moving and interacting with the community. Whether they stay at Grand Isle or somewhere else, we want more people to discover this amazing place and have a dynamic and memorable holiday in the process,” said Jeff Todd, Director of Communications for WCPD Inc. and GIV Bahamas Inc.

“This application will help everyone, from the everyday tourist to the local business owner. We provide that bridge.”

The application is free to download and now available for all Android and iPhone devices via the Google Play and Apple store. Simply search “Exuma Dream” to get your free app.

In addition to a full listing of businesses and activities, ExumaDREAM also includes reports on weather and news. There is a photo gallery and links to eye-popping videos. And finally, a fully interactive, GPS-enabled map is available, which shows where every listing is physically located on a map. A small blue dot identifies where the owner of the phone is located for easy reference.

Since the soft launch of ExumaDREAM, local residents and business owners have praised the program for its ability to connect tourists and investors with the community.

“What a wonderful idea – I will recommend this to all my clients and friends,” said Judy Hurlock, a leading realtor on the island.

You can also find a downloadable link to the ExumaDREAM at GIV Bahamas Inc.’s new swimming pigs website – When Pigs Swim – at