‘Pigs of Paradise’ to enter second edition in 2020

Hit book on the world-famous swimming pigs to feature expanded content; Photo contest to run until March 15

‘Pigs of Paradise’, the double award-winning book on the world-famous swimming pigs, will enter a second edition in 2020, the publisher has announced.

Skyhorse Publishing, based in New York, plans to release an expanded edition of the hardcover in November, including new photography and additional content on the pigs’ continued rise to fame. While the swimming pigs are already a household name for millions worldwide, the attraction has continued to evolve and grow, sparking new businesses and in many ways transforming the tourism product of The Bahamas.

“Nobody could have predicted just how popular the swimming pigs have become,” said T.R. Todd, author of ‘Pigs of Paradise’, who is also Director of Communications for GIV Bahamas Inc.

“Exuma will always be where it all started. This edition though will really delve into how the pigs have become so important for so many people in The Bahamas. It has become an attraction that has touched so many lives. So, in addition to new, great photos, we really want to update the book, so it represents the entire country.”

At last count, there are at least seven pig colonies in The Bahamas.

Abaco, Eleuthera, Grand Bahama, and Nassau all provide the attraction for tourists, in addition to the two colonies in Exuma. Treasure Island, a private cay in the Berry Islands, have also spent millions to create a swimming pig attraction that is easily accessible to the millions of tourists passing through on cruise ships.

Other than sun, sand, and sea, the swimming pigs are a common denominator and an important symbol of the country’s tourism product. Earlier this month, The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism announced that 2019 broke the record for the most visitor arrivals, with 7.2 million people arriving to these shores last year. More than ever, The Bahamas remains an appealing destination for those seeking a warm getaway. To promote this message, the Ministry of Tourism chose a very simple image – that magical pig, swimming in the most pristine water in the world.

“The swimming pig is our Mickey Mouse,” explains Peter Nicholson, President of GIV Bahamas Inc., who is also the Executive Producer of the film based on Todd’s book.

“First off, it was an accident – a fluke of nature. I think that is why it endures to this day. It was never intended to be a tourism sensation. It speaks to the nature of today’s tourists.  They want something truly unique, but also authentic.”

In addition to the expanded content, ‘Pigs of Paradise’ has launched a photo contest, asking the general public to submit their very best photos with the pigs for a chance to be featured in the second edition. The book is also working with well-known influencers, with followers running well into the millions.

“Obviously the swimming pigs are highly visual,” Todd added.

“And part of what has made the book successful is the fact it is equal parts great story but also highly illustrative. It is right at home on your coffee table as well.”

Photo submissions are ongoing. Anyone wishing to enter the contest must submit their photo to Atomic Lavender Social Media Management by March 15.

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