Angry Birds get Piggie with it

Bigger. Bader. Birder. And Piggier?

One of the most downloaded video games in history has showcased Exuma’s world famous swimming pigs in their much-anticipated sequel.

Angry Birds II, which has been downloaded nearly 50 million in just one month, has released a big-budget official launch trailer featuring the swimming pigs in Exuma. The tongue-and-cheek video takes place on “pig island” and make use of computer generated technology, showing the pigs withstanding an invasion from a flock of furious fowl.

The franchise began with the original Angry Birds in October 2010. The game’s addictive gameplay, comical style and low price skyrocketed it to popularity, and quickly became the standard of a new age in mobile phone and tablet gaming. The company went on to create many spin offs and versions and special editions of the game, and since January 2014, it has generated a staggering two billion downloads.

Angry Birds has also released comic books, activity books, stories, an animated series. even an animated film is being planned with Sony Pictures for summer 2016.

An entertaining behind the  scenes video of the making of the trailer in Exuma was made. Adding on to the fun surrounding the famous swimming pigs of Exuma.

This latest alliance with Angry Birds is yet another feather in the caps of Exuma’s biggest tourist attraction.

‘When Pigs Swim’, the documentary produced by GIV Bahamas Inc., has been selected for its fifth film festival since its release last fall. This time, the documentary will appear at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival in November. Meanwhile, the pigs continue to draw large crowds, make global headlines and even attract celebrities from around the world.

To view GIV Bahamas Inc’s ‘When Pigs Swim’, you can visit the official website at