Dickinson joins GIV Bahamas Team

GIV Bahamas Inc. is proud to welcome its partnership with Arlene
Dickinson, making her the company’s inaugural member of the Brand
Ambassador Program.

Dickinson, who is best known as a spirited, savvy and compassionate
venture capitalist on CBC’s hit show “Dragon’s Den”, recently announced
her departure from the show after eight seasons. While this incredible
Canadian has many projects on the go, the beautiful island of Exuma is now
in her future.

“I’m so pleased and humbled to have Arlene join our new Brand Ambassador
Program in Exuma, Bahamas,” said Peter Nicholson, the President of GIV
Bahamas Inc.

“Exuma is an island with friendly people and unbelievable beauty.
Arlene’s amazing background in marketing and her entrepreneurial vision
makes this a great fit. But she is also a wonderful person, a
humanitarian, and we look forward to also making a difference for the
great citizens of Exuma.”

Along the way, Dickinson has been honored with many awards, including
being named to PROFIT magazine’s Top 100 Women Business Owners and one of
Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women and she was recently inducted into The
Marketing Hall of Legends.

Brimming with opportunity, GIV Bahamas Inc. invited Dickinson to spend
time on the island, share her ideas and attend one or more of the many
exciting events and initiatives taking place here. In particular, she will
tour the 10-acre campus of The Exuma Foundation, the long-standing “United
Way” for the island, to learn about the valuable and evolving programs.

Nicholson, with his expertise in philanthropic giving, was recently
appointed to the Board of Trustees at the Exuma Foundation and made
Chairman of the Developmental Committee. He has also applied for a CRA
number for the creation of a Canadian wing, given the high concentration
of Canadians visiting and indeed living on Exuma. Currently, The Exuma
Foundation only offers tax receipts for American donors.

“Someone like Arlene could make a huge difference in a place like Exuma,”
Nicholson added. “I can’t wait to gain her impressions.”