Exuma rockets up World’s Best Awards

One of the largest travel magazines in the world has ranked Exuma as the second best island in the Caribbean, placing it ahead of popular destinations such as St. John, St. Barts, Barbados, Bermuda and St. Lucia.

Known as the World’s Best Awards 2014 at Travel + Leisure magazine, the competition has Exuma placed just behind Virgin Gorda, located in the British Virgin Islands. According to the magazine, the rankings, released in August, are based on a comprehensive readership survey, which breaks the destination into a series of categories. It has conducted the annual survey for the last 19 years.

Travel + Leisure, based in New York City, has an estimated readership of 4.8 million people.

“Recognition in such an esteemed publication is huge for the island of Exuma,” said Jeff Todd, director of communications for GIV Bahamas Inc. and Wealth, Creation, Preservation and Donation (WCPD Inc.).

“I think what is most notable about the ranking is it’s Exuma first time on the list. That in itself shows Exuma is now on the radar for educated travelers. I consider this a big coming-out party for Exuma.”

Todd added that Exuma, with an overall score of 84.22, placed 17 overall for best islands in the entire world. Travel + Leisure ranked Santorini, Greece (89.98), Maui, Hawaii (89.51) and Kauai, Hawaii (88.59) as the three best islands.

“Exuma is as good or better than any destination out there, and to go from no ranking at all to number two for the Caribbean is special,” Todd added. “I expect Exuma will continue to climb in 2015.”

Exuma is aided by substantial airlift for an island of its size, boasting direct flights from Toronto, Atlanta, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Nassau. The archipelago’s 365 island chain and the thousands of secluded beaches make it a unique, private stunning alternative to other holiday destinations.

You can view the World’s Best Awards 2014 here: