Paradise Report: My Plate is Full

This spectacular resort is heating up in more ways than one!
Yes, the temperature is well above 30° (that’s over 80° for our American friends), and
I’m just talking about the ocean. The eternal, warm ocean breezes and sunny hot days of Exuma are always appreciated in the winter months.
But this summer, besides the steady crowd from the United States and Canada, visitors from as far away Brazil, Spain and Sweden are flocking here in record numbers and happily leaving even hotter days behind.
“I can’t believe the business,” says Ron Kemp, proprietor of Prime Island Meats, the
wonderful butcher near George Town. “Boats are pulling up and spending thousands
of dollars, cleaning me out!”
Ron waxes on happily, while his wife Sue serves up her tangy potato, chicken and coleslaw salads, as well as her signature, mouth-watering lasagna.
“In past years, it was kind of quiet in the summer,” he added. “But this year it’s booming!”
Yes, August in the Bahamas is where it’s happening.
After running a butcher shop in New Jersey for a number of years, the couple decided to return to Ron’s Bahamian roots and start a new business on the island. The shopping is indeed decadent here: grain-fed chicken, juicy sirloin, Ron’s rare roast beef…stop Sharon, stop.
Sorry, but I just can’t help myself. Prime Island Meats is just the perfect place for that much- needed injection of protein, just down the road from Grand Isle and the incredible, spacious,
fully equipped kitchens in every villa.
Although the food may not be driving people to Exuma, it’s sure making them happy while they’re here.
At Grand Isle, The Palapa Grill, located right along the infinity pool, is immensely popular with tourists, owners and locals.
“Best restaurant on the island,” is echoed throughout the manicured, palm-tree-lined streets of
Grand Isle. Steamed tomato grouper, organic chicken with garlic mashed potato and spiny lobster (which can be caught with a spear in front of the resort) keeps everyone happy.
But once again, I digress. Grand Isle Resort, sitting on breathtaking Emerald Bay, features 78 gorgeous villas, all perched in a tranquil and awe-inspiring setting. Seasoned travelers from all over the globe find themselves here.
Hollywood star Johnny Depp, who owns a nearby island, is seen around Exuma’s waters manning his humble sailboat, the same waters where he filmed scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean. Adventurers, actors, nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts are all here for the same reason. And although Grand Isle is the reason people stay in Exuma, I am going to share with you a video that shows why people come here: glorious,unblemished water, and that unusual twist made possible by the people who call it home.
The video I am including below, for your viewing pleasure, shows a sunken piano being played by a mermaid. Legend has it it was placed there by none other than David Copperfield, the world-famous magician, who owns an island just around the corner.
My new friends took the video: Kurt and Natalia Warner, from California, after an amazing day with Sugar Adventure Tours.
If this doesn’t convince you that you should be booking your flight to Grand Isle, then I don’t know what will.
Believe it or not, living and working at Grand Isle is now my life. It is a tough job, but hey, someone’s got to do it. I encourage you all to fly down and say hello.
Don’t forget to watch this video! You’ll be blown away …
Video link:
See you in paradise.
– Sharon Dunn
Sharon is the real estate representative at Grand Isle for Milborne Real Estate Inc. You can reach her by phone at 242 358 5000 or email
Grand Isle Resort & Spa, located on Emerald Bay in Great Exuma, Bahamas, is a stunning oceanfront resort. The exclusive, gated community consists of 78 luxuriously appointed villas, with prices ranging from $500,000 to $5 million.