Playtime on Farmer’s Cay

Recess at Farmer’s Cay All-Age School will never be the same.

Due to a generous donation from GIV Bahamas Inc., the eight or so students on the island now have a full playground to their disposal, including two seesaws, a swing set, slide and climbing apparatus. The school, which contains only two classrooms and a small library, has full-time teachers who are dedicated to offering a enriching educational experience.

“The idea came from one of the teachers, who brought forth the idea to us and needed a little help,” said Tyrone Munroe, head of operations at GIV Bahamas Inc. “We were more than happy to lend a helping hand.”

Little Farmer’s Cay is less than two miles in length and about a half a mile wide, or 68 acres. With celebrities and business moguls as neighbours, it rests in the exclusive Exuma chain of islands. Musha Cay, a private island and resort owned by world-famous magician David Copperfield, is right around the corner.

Little Farmer’s Cay is now the home of Ty’s Sunset Bar and Grill, which is literally one step from the beach and serves delicious and traditional Bahamian fare.

The donation to Farmer’s Cay All-Age School comes just ahead of an important delegation to the island by one of the country’s leading educators.

Lisa McCartney, the owner of The Meridian School and Windsor Preparatory School, arrives this month with three teachers to survey the site and consider the establishment of a private  “island school”.

The idea would be to offer instruction in marine biology, ecology and conservation by taking advantage of the stunning and pristine backdrop of the Exuma chain of islands.

But for now, a place for the children to laugh and play is a good start.

“The next time Tyrone and Peter Nicholson are on Farmer’s Cay, we plan on having a little ceremony to unveil the plaque,” said Deavindra Jagroo, the principal of the school.

“We are very thankful for this gift.”