Nicholson to join the Exuma Foundation

In an effort to give back to the local community, the President of WCPD Inc. and WCPD Foundation will accept a position on the Exuma Foundation’s Board of Directors.

The position will take effect in early 2015.

Peter Nicholson met with Chris Kettel, President of Exuma Foundation (Bahamas) Ltd, in early May at the institution’s impressive, six-acre campus in Georgetown.

Established in 1988, The Exuma Foundation has raised more than $2 million for local initiatives, mostly going towards schools and churches in the community. Nicholson brings to the board of directors plentiful experience in the areas of philanthropy and fundraising.

“I am very pleased to serve on the board of directors at the Exuma Foundation,” he added. “This island is special to me, and I look forward to doing what I can to help the community and assist in making this amazing island grow.”

The Exuma Foundation was originally established with a gift from the Benjamin Family Foundation in the United States. It exists now as a U.S. non-profit community foundation, and contributions made by American citizens are tax deductible.

Nicholson and Kettel discussed the possibility of offering Canadian donors similar tax relief.

“We’ll formally invite Mr Nicholson to join our board,” Kettel said. “I think he will be a great choice.”

The Exuma Foundation’s large campus, he explained, already provides a number of crucial services for the island. There is a school for children with special needs, a large auditorium, kitchen facilities, meeting rooms, and activity and resource centers.

During past hurricanes, missionaries from New Jersey came to Exuma to help rebuild homes through the resource centre. This group returns twice a year to provide hands-on help, whether that be education or donations of clothing, books and toys for children.

“While we have six acres, we are only occupying two at the moment. It operates as a resource and facilitator for people who want to help with community projects. We have a lot of potential,” according to Kettel.

Nicholson, along with his contacts and experience in Canada and Exuma, hopes to help The Exuma Foundation realize this potential in the months and years to come.