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Grand Isle hosts record-setting fly out

GIV Bahamas and Heaven’s Landing entertain Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association and deliver full Exuma experience

Exuma was packed with pilots this month as a record-setting number of Cirrus Aircraft owners flew over 365 jaw-dropping islands and had a soft landing at Grand Isle Resort for their annual Bahamian adventure.

From April 20 to April 23, more than 60 members of the Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) took part in a custom GIV Bahamas Inc program.


The experience started off with a cocktail reception overlooking Emerald Bay, affectionately known as Grand Isle’s “billion-dollar beach”. Sponsored by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, COPA members enjoyed complimentary cocktails and appetizers at this torch-lit reception.

The next day, the pilots embarked on an adventurous excursion up the Exuma Cays, stopping off at the giant iguanas, the Dragon’s Breath Blowholes, Question Mark Sandbar, Thunderball  Grotto, and of course, the world famous swimming pigs.

The group stopped for lunch at Ty’s Sunset Bar & Grill on Little Farmer’s Cay.

A private beach, volleyball court, high-speed Internet and cable television provided a mix of modernity but with a private island feel. The island’s 2,700-foot airstrip also allowed Cirrus pilots not keen on the high seas to meet the group for a bite to eat.

On Saturday, after enjoying island life at their own pace, COPA held its official banquet dinner at Catch A Fire. Prime rib, fresh grouper, conch fritters and other favourites were on the menu as guests were treated to a Bahamian band, dancing and shark feeding. As part of the itinerary, pilots are encouraged to do as much or as little as they wish, while enjoying Grand Isle’s luxurious villas and extensive amenities.

2017-04-22 19.02.37

“Grand Isle and the Exuma Cays allows us to provide the perfect experience for pilots,” said Jeff Todd, Director of Communications for GIV Bahamas. “It is all about giving our clients maximum flexibility and choice, while also providing a “‘one-stop-shop’ for all all the pilots’ needs. COPA is an exceptional organization of friendly and committed owners and we were happy to show them a great time here in the Exumas.”

The COPA Bahamas Adventure is just one of many fly outs recently hosted by GIV Bahamas Inc. at Grand Isle Resort.

GIV Bahamas Inc. has partnered with Heaven’s Landing, a premier fly-in community in north-east Georgia, to deliver unparalleled service, as both entities seek to revolutionize the lifestyle offerings in private aviation.

IMG_9129 2

For more information on fly outs to the Exumas, contact Jeff Todd at

Exuma plays starring role at aviation show

GIV Bahamas Inc and Heaven’s Landing form triple booth and turn some heads at Sun N Fun International Fly In and Expo in Florida

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is glowing following an impressive showing at this year’s  Sun N Fun International Fly In and Expo, with GIV Bahamas Inc and the island of Exuma playing a starring role.

2017-04-05 13.33.22-2

For the second straight year, GIV Bahamas and its hospitality offerings, including Grand Isle Resort, were on prominent display at the second largest aviation show in the world. More than 200,000 people filtered through the grounds in Lakeland, Florida, which features hundreds of booths, incredible airshows and countless attractions and activities for plane aficionados.

This year, however, was special, with GIV Bahamas combined forces with Heaven’s Landing, forming an imposing triple booth with both a mermaid (representing the blue ocean of Exuma, Bahamas) and angel (from the green mountains of Georgia, USA). GIV Bahamas and Heaven’s Landing invited the participants to consider an entirely new lifestyle concept that’s unique to the aviation industry.

Namely, connected properties, in radically different environments, which focus on providing the best service, amenities and experience possible to its clients.

The approach thus far has proven fruitful.

Jeff Todd, Director of Communications for the GIV Bahamas Inc, said he “has seen a tremendous growth in fly-ins to Exuma as a result of our first participation at Sun n Fun in 2016.  We will have some 64 pilots from the fly ins in to Grand Isle later this year and we have established some new partnerships (with Heaven’s Landing) and are exploring the possibilities of conducting our own air show in Exuma,” he said. GIV Bahamas Inc. is the largest owner of villas at Grand Isle.

Todd was interviewed by Tourism Today, the local television broadcast in The Bahamas, and featured in an official press release.

GIV Bahamas’ focus on private aviation has not gone unnoticed by others in the hospitality industry. \

During the show earlier this month, several other hotels in The Bahamas threw their hats in the ring as possible destinations for pilots. The turnout is encouraging for tourism executives.

“Based on the high level of exposure the Islands of The Bahamas received through its prominent brand displays and strong partnership with Sun n Fun, along with numerous live radio and television broadcasts, seminars, one on one meetings with pilots and other contracted business opportunities our hoteliers procured, we could not have been more pleased,” said Omar Isaacs, General Manager of Vertical Markets at the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.

“The fact that our hoteliers, new and old are already planning to attend this expo in 2018, speaks volume of their excitement, confidence and knowledge of the importance of this Expo to their business development,” he said.

Forever innovating, GIV Bahamas will be unveiling new concepts for pilots through its properties in Exuma, as the company continues to push the envelope and provide new lifestyle options for pilots.

GIV Bahamas is a unique hospitality company comprised of villas at Grand Isle Resort, restaurants, homes for rent and significant land interests. Heaven’s Landing, located just a stone’s throw from Clayton, Georgia, and Lake Burton, is a premier fly-in community with a 5,200-foot airstrip.

Peace & Plenty buyout latest in Exuma Buzz

GIV Bahamas Inc. unveils first “Exuma Buzz List” ahead of Fyre Festival, Bertarellis and other construction projects

Exuma is buzzing with new construction projects, events and most recently the acquisition of the historic Club Peace & Plenty resort, with the new owners announcing more than $700,000 in upgrades to the property.

The excitement is palatable around Grand Isle Resort’s infinity pool. As the highest-end product on Great Exuma, Grand Isle is busting at the seams and continues to be the primary hive for all the activity happening along the archipelago.

The audible buzz is aided considerably by the imminent start of the Fyre Festival from April 28-30 and May 5-7.

The massive event, featuring A-List musical talent and celebrities, is expected to bring unprecedented attention to Exuma at an already busy time.

The announcement that Club Peace & Plenty is changing hands is only one of many ongoing projects in the area.

“Now we have Government approvals, we’re moving to close the deal right now, within the next 30-60 days,” Burton Rodgers told a local daily in The Bahamas this month. “The group includes myself and a group of investors in Florida, who own some hotels in Key West and the Great Miami area.”

Rodgers called Club Peace & Plenty one of the most historically significant hotels in the country. Dating back to the late 1950s, the resort was a pioneer of the Exuma tourism industry and hosted a long list of well-known celebrities over the years.

While the news of the 38-room Club Peace & Plenty has been met with a great deal of optimism, there is much more buzz elsewhere on the island. The number of projects have become so considerable that GIV Bahamas has begun compiling an “Exuma Buzz List” for prospective investors.

Back at Emerald Bay, homeowners and renters at Grand Isle Resort are eagerly awapeace-and-plenty-7iting the opening of the “White House”. This cathedral-like structure on Emerald Bay Beach will soon become a highly anticipated special events venue, beach bar and dining venue. The new facility is expected to open in 2018.

Across the street, at Roker’s Point, a development located beside Emerald Bay Marina is expecting an uptick in activity due to the Fyre Festival selecting this spot as the main concert area.

Not far from Emerald Bay, just off the coast of Berre Terre, Dona Bertarelli is poised to break ground on the much anticipated $200 million, plus Children’s Bay Cay and Williams Cay development. The high-end, eco-friendly resort recently held a town hall meeting in downtown George Town to reveal its future plans.

It is expected the project will host an official ground breaking in the next few months.

An airport redevelopment, the new hospital and new construction projects on Stocking Island all add to the buzz around Exuma these days.

“It has been amazing to see Exuma grow these past few years,” said Peter Nicholson, President of GIV Bahamas Inc and the largest owner of villas at Grand Isle Resort. “The Swimming Pigs have been wonderful ambassadors for us and helped get Exuma on the map and now it’s great to see the island taking the next step.”


Bahamas Tourism Industry Partners Happy About New Business Opportunities at 2017 Sun n Fun

By: D. Earnestine Moxyz

Bahamas Tourism Industry Partners Happy About New Business Opportunities at 2017 Sun n Fun International Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, Florida. Event Attended by more than 200,000 Persons
The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (BMOT) along with its hotel industry partners who attended the 2017 Sun n Fun International Fly In and Expo in Lakeland, Florida, April 4-9, 2017 are happy with the group leads and new business opportunities they obtained during the 6-days aviation Expo.
“Based on the high level of exposure the Islands of The Bahamas received through its prominent brand displays and strong partnership with Sun n Fun, along with numerous live radio and television broadcasts, seminars, one-on-one meetings with pilots and other contracted business opportunities our hoteliers procured, we could not have been more pleased,” said Omar Isaacs, General Manager of Vertical Markets at the BMOT.
“The fact that our hoteliers, new and old are already planning to attend this expo in 2018, speaks volume of their excitement, confidence and knowledge of the importance of this Expo to their business development,” he said.

2017-04-05 13.33.22-2

Jeff Todd, Director of Communications for GIV Bahamas, the largest owner of villas at Grand Isle Resort in Exuma, said he “has seen a tremendous growth in fly-ins to Exuma as a result of our first participation at Sun n Fun in 2016. We have some 64 COPA pilots flying into Grand Isle later this year and we have established some new partnerships (with Heaven’s Landing) and exploring the possibilities of conducting our own air show in Exuma,” he said.
First time participant at Sun ‘n Fun, Richard Keyworth, Director of Sales at Ocean Heights, a new hotel now under construction in Long Island, said the “caliber of clientele at the Expo is exactly what our upscale property is targeting. This show has exceeded our expectations in every way and we are so very pleased with the turnout and level of interest shown in Long Island and our property,” he said.

Some of The Bahamas’ other leading hoteliers that participated in the weeklong event included Small Hope Bay Lodge (Andros), Valentine’s Inn (Eleuthera), Fernandez Bay Village (Cat Island), Resorts World Bimini, and Old Bahama Bay, Whyndham Viva Fortuna and Flamingo Bay Hotel in Freeport. Representatives from the Grand Bahama Island Promotion Board as well as three of The Bahamas’ preferred fixed base operators, Banyan, Marathon General and Atlantic Aviation also attended the event.

Now in its 43rd year, according to Sun n Fun’s chairman, Bob Knight, “this year’s event shattered all of our previous records.”


The largest convention in Florida and the second largest aviation show in the world, it is estimated that more than 200,000 persons, from over 60 nations, inclusive of 500 manufacturers and exhibitors, pilots, campers and aviation enthusiasts attended the six days event, which showcased daily aerobatic air shows. More than 10,000 aircraft movements were recorded, during the 6 days event, which featured aircrafts ranging from Warbirds and vintage bomber jets to light sport home built experimental aircrafts.

Some 225 private pilots, interested in flying into The Bahamas participated in special seminars on the policies, procedures and ease of flying into The Bahamas, which were conducted by the Bahamas Flying Ambassadors; seasoned pilots with extensive experience in flying to and around the Islands of The Bahamas.

The BMOT also hosted members of the international press, aviation performers, industry partners and executives of Sun n Fun to a dinner reception.

“Our relationship with the BMOT continues to be strengthened, year after year and we are excited about our projects with the Bahamas and to preserving the aviation industry” said Mr. Knight.

Through its partnership with Sun n Fun, pilots attending the Sun n Fun show, conduct fly outs to various islands in The Bahamas following the Lakeland Expo. In addition to this, in April 2016, the MOT along with Sun n Fun launched the first Grand Bahama Air Show. This year’s aerobatic air show is scheduled to take place, May 19-20, 2017 over the pristine waters at Taino Beach.



Aviation partner joins GIV Bahamas at Tiger21

For third straight year, GIV Bahamas participates in Luxury Lounge at Annual Meeting in Boca Raton.

They say you are th2017-02-01 12.21.51e company you keep. In that sense, GIV Bahamas Inc. may have a tiger by the tail.

For the third straight year, GIV Bahamas Inc. participated in the coveted “Luxury Lounge” at the Tiger21 Annual Meeting, engaging with members of the exclusive networking club and presenting a brand that has become increasingly familiar.

Over the years, GIV Bahamas Inc. has been proud to host many Tiger21 members at Grand Isle Re- sort in Exuma. An ownership stake in Grand Isle 17 villas in total is the primary asset in a company with branches in hospitality, marketing, philanthropy and real estate.

“As a serial entrepreneur, I have always seen so much opportunity in Exuma, which is why I have been investing there with my business partner, Tyrone Munroe, for more than 12 years,” said Peter Nicholson, Director of GIV Bahamas Inc. and Tiger21 Member at the Montreal Chapter. “Every year I really enjoy not only attending the Annual Meeting as a member, but also as a company. I have always called Exuma my ‘fun job’ and I like sharing it with my peers.2017-02-04 09.08.16

Nicholson is also the President of WCPD Inc. and the WCPD Foundation, an Ottawa-based firm specializing in philanthropic tax planning ,tax reduction and insurance.

This year’s event, in Boca Raton, featured a new twist for GIV Bahamas Inc.

Jeff Todd, the Director of Communications for GIV Bahamas Inc., was joined by the company’s new Aviation Partner, Mike Ciochetti, the owner and developer of Heaven’s Landing.

This fly-in community, located in the green mountains of northeast Georgia, boasts a 5,000 runway, which essentially serves as a driveway for the pilots who land there and call this place home.

Over the past year, GIV Bahamas Inc. has been working with the private aviation community to hold specialty events and retreats in Exuma. With its 365 islands, many airstrips and breathtaking views from above, the island chain has become a close and convenient getaway for those that fly their own planes. In fact, in collaboration with GIV Bahamas Inc., Heaven’s Landing has designated the area its first “outpost”, providing unparalleled bene- fits and choice to his homeowners.

“If there is one thing pilots love more than planes, it is going somewhere with them,” said Ciochetti, who per- sonally attended the Annual Meeting. “Grand Isle Re- sort and Exuma are both world class and a fitting addi- tion to our offerings. This event was my first exposure to the Tiger21 community but certainly not my last.” 2017-02-04 07.03.23

Tiger21, with more than 500 members across Canada and the United States, has been called the most pow- erful networking group in the world by Forbes magazine. Read article here.

Nicholson has been a member of the Montreal chapter since 2013.

Farmer’s Cay Regatta draws near record crowds

Annual event attracts thousands of people over the first weekend of February in traditional Bahamian celebration

More than a IMG_0169dozen planes, hundreds of boats and thousands of people descended on Little Farmer’s Cay last month for the is- land’s biggest party of the year, attracting one of the biggest turn outs the event has ever seen.

The Farmer’s Cay Regatta, a staple on the Exuma tourism calendar for decades, was originally intended as a “homecoming” for the residents of the island and their extended families. Today, it is spirited festival for all, with food, music, fun, and most importantly, sail- ing races across Exuma’s famously blue, clear water.

Tyrone Munroe, a descendant of Little Farmer’s Cay, hosted the biggest gathering of people at his restau- rant, Ty’s Sunset Bar & Grill. While Munroe said it wasn’t the biggest crowd he has ever seen, it certainly ranks in his “top 3”.

“I haven’t seen such a huge crowd in quite a few years,” Munroe said, who is also a Director of GIV Bahamas Inc. “This event is really important for the island as a whole. It is a lot of work and it can’t be done without the work and support of a great number of people, so I want to thank everyone involved.” IMG_0195

The festival, he added, is truly unique in its ode to Bahamian culture and the traditional pastime of sailing. V. Alfred Gray, the Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, attended the festivities in his capacity as patron and government representative

One new addition to the island, which helped draw in more boaters, was the building of a 200-foot dock.

Although the dock made life easier for some of the boaters, the vast majority, numbering in the hundreds, were moored all around the island of Little Farmer’s Cay.

A steady fleet of dinghies were resting on the beach, as hundreds of guests jammed onto Ty’s spacious patio and inside the restaurant.

“Tourists love this island and the festival because it is an authentic experience. The Farmer’s Cay Regatta might be only once a year, but we are here all year round to offer that experience,” Monroe added.

Ty’s Sunset Bar & Grill features an array of traditional Bahamian favourites – such as ribs, chicken, conch and grouper – in a private island setting but with all the mod- ern bells and whistles. High-speed Internet and cable tele- vision are available. The restaurant is literally steps from a 2,500-foot airstrip on one side, and an expansive white sand beach on the other.

Equally special is the community of Little Farmer’s Cay itself, which is home to dozens of full-time residences.

Visitors can explore the town’s sites, such as the friendly sea turtles off the fishermen’s dock, or J.R’s Wood Art Shop, where you can browse hand-carved statues made from local materials. IMG_0171

In addition to its assets on Little Farmer’s Cay, GIV Bahamas Inc. also operates Prospect Point House on Big Farmer’s Cay, just a short, 5-minute boat ride away. Resting on a peninsula and around 7-acres of land, this amazing three-bedroom home offers the full private island experience, but with cell phone service, high- speed internet, laundry services and solar powered electricity. A backup generator is provided.

A 17-foot Boston Whaler is available as an optional rental for zipping around the neighborhood and seeing the sites, such as the Question Mark Sandbar, giant iguanas, blue holes and the famous swimming pigs.

Click here to learn more about renting Prospect Point House and the Farmer’s Cay area.

Emerald Bay showcased on Tour

Great Exuma Classic, televised on NBC’s Golf Channel, will be held at Greg Norman Course for next three years

Emerald Bay’s world-class golf course was on display this month for the first time at The Great Exuma Classic, providing major exposure and television cov- erage across North America and in more than 200 countries.3671_grandisleaerial

The tournament served as the opener to the 2017 Tour, a professional circuit where the best golfers can earn their stripes to the PGA TOUR. Dozens of talented golfers took on the challenging Emerald Bay Golf Course designed by golfing legend Greg Norman.

GIV Bahamas Inc. served as a sponsor for the inau- gural event, which is contracted to be held every January at Emerald Bay through 2020. Book your hol- iday for early January 2018 to watch this event in person.

KBP_3001 2
“Emerald Bay was an incredible course, the people of Exuma were terrific hosts and the golfers were continuously praising the event and the location,” said Catherine Clifton, the tournament director. “The weather conditions were more than challenging, yet, given those conditions and our unique television schedule (Sunday through Wednesday), the Tour saw record exposure unlike any previous event.”

With Grand Isle Resort located in the very heart of the Greg Norman Signature Course, the former Four Seasons Residence was showcased to the sporting world through NBC’s Golf Channel network. Grand Isle guests and owners have full access to this amazing course at a reduced rate.
In addition to the tournament, the event featured a Pro Am, intimate evening soirees at Sandals Emerald Bay, Q&A’s with the players and even a meet-and-greet with Greg Norman himself.
To say the course played challenging at times is an understatement. While stunning, the course’s back nine, which is entirely on the ocean, was made all the more difficult by unseasonal wind gusts as high as 40 mph. It was survival of the fittest and a true test of golf for even the most seasoned professionals.  But in the end, tour veteran Kyle Thompson was victorious on the final day, posting a respectable -2 due in part to some amazing putting.KBP_2450

“I can’t describe how well I played, especially the way I putted,” Thompson told Golf Channel. “It’s probably the best putting week of my life. I don’t think I had a single three-putt. Just really grinded, made a lot of 6-8 footers didn’t let the bad shots bother me and felt like I was in my own little bub- ble out there on the golf course.”

For the full interview with Thompson from the Great Exuma Classic, click here: son-wins-webcom-opener-breezy-bahamas/

Missed the inaugural Great Exuma Classic? Contact us today to reserve your spot for January 2018


Exuma Foundation invests $250K into island programs

GIV Bahamas sits on board of both Canadian & US Foundations.

The Exuma Foundation and the Exuma Foundation of Canada invested more than $250,000 in infrastructure and social programs last year, focused primarily on the areas of education, healthcare and the environment.

13728936_1397270553621364_3055226970974650969_nThe stunning, 6-acre campus, located just a few minutes away from George Town, the main settlement in Exuma, is well known to the local community. It provides services such as a food bank, hurricane shelter, nature trails and a school for students with mental disabilities. But for the majority of tourists and second-home owners that come to Exuma, this facility and its good works remain largely a mystery.

“People in Exuma know us, but we want the island’s visitors to know about us as well,” said Chris Kettel, the President of the Exuma Foundation. “Our campus is open to anyone who wishes to visit. There are a lot of people out there who consider Exuma a kind of second home, and we are here to
make it the best island it can be.”

In addition to the programs and upkeep of the Exuma Foundation campus, the major programs include a youth sailing club, an ambitious environmental education initiative and Starve Poverty, an organization that builds or renovate
homes or infrastructure for the poor.13256060_1347156888632731_8558975295012602862_n
Earlier this month, for example, Starve Poverty assisted an elderly, impoverished couple that had lost half of their roof during last year’s storm, Hurricane Matthew.

“The sailing club showed up with 30 stu- dents who cleaned it all up and helped with the construction,” said Kettel. “The people running the club believe there has to be dis- cipline and a sense of community. So that program has been very encouraging for us.”

In terms of the environmental education program, the Exuma Foundation has enlisted a full-time staff member to enter the schools and create organic gardens, while also working with local residents to cultivate gardens in their backyards. A bee keeping operation was also established last year on the Foundation campus.

Meanwhile, the newly formed Exuma Foundation of Canada made its first substantial contributions in 215134632_1517263034955448_1988569454757191494_n016 by awarding the first ever Pompey Scholar- ship to one of Exuma’s top high school students who lacked the financial means to attend university. She started in September 2016 as a freshman at Acadia University. Funds were also used to help purchase a hospital bus so the sick, elderly and chronically ill, with no means of transportation, can reach the island’s hospital.

GIV Bahamas Inc., which founded the Exuma Foundation of Canada, and sits on the Board of the Exuma Foundation, remains committed to continuing these programs and coming up with new ways to uplift the community.

“For those of us that routinely vacation in Exuma, and especially for those that own a home there and invest, it is so easy to see how just a small in- vestment in time or money can really go a long way on the island,” said Peter Nicholson, Partner and Director at GIV Bahamas Inc. “Philanthropy is my day job, and I can tell you, unlike bigger places in the world, Exuma is so impressionable and there is so much to be done. Like Chris, I encourage everyone to get involved and visit the Exuma Foundation and meet some of the amazing people there.”

Tax receipts are available for both Americans and Canadians that make donations.

You can visit the Exuma Foundation and learn more about its programs here:

Cycling star joins Ride for Exuma

Christian Vande Vedle and other cyclists join charity ride from Feb 9-12 through the tropical paradise of Exuma. Last minute participant or observer spots available.

Philanthropists and cycling enthusiasts are all set to hit the streets of Exuma next month for the third annual Ride for Exuma, with this year featuring a retired US road racing star.

3684670558_8356c6ff35 2Christian Vande Velde, whose lengthy and successful international career includes a 4th place fin- ish at the 2008 Tour de France, will lead a spirited group of amateur cyclists through some of the most beautiful tropical terrain on the planet. Ride for Exuma ( is a non- profit event that raises significant funds for the island each year through the Exuma Foundation and the Exuma Foundation of Canada.

“This is my first experience at the Ride for Exuma, although my family and I are familiar with the island. It is such a beautiful place and ideal for cycling,” said Vande Velde, who will be staying at Grand Isle Resort as the event patron from February 9-12. “It is a cherry on the cake that we get to have such a great experience while also raising money for a worthy cause.”

In addition to several appearances and strong finishes at the Tour de Tour, Vande Velde secured major wins at the Redlands Bicycle Classic (1999), the Tour de Luxembourg (2006), Tour of Mis- souri (2008) and the USA Pro Cycling challenge (2012).

While the charity ride will feature some star power, the event itself is open to cyclists of all skills and abilities, featuring rest stops, water stations, pace cars, mechanical support and a police escort.

Cyclists will enjoy a special banquet on the Friday night at Grand Isle Resort, the official hotel of Ride for Exuma, and an excursion up the Exuma Cays on the Saturday, including a stop at the world famous Swimming Pigs, by Sun Fun Tours.

Last year, Ride for Exuma raised enough funds to help purchase a hospital bus for the new state-of-the-art medical centre on the island. The wheelchair accessible vehicle allows hospital staff to pick up the elderly, disabled and sick in Exuma’s more isolated communities – a service that did not exist in the p2015-11-05 11.01.24ast.

For 2017, organizers plan to put fundraising dollars towards a new Children’s Shelter at the Exuma Foun- dation, where orphaned, neglected or abused kids can find care and comfort. Also, Ride for Exuma is concurrently investing in an arsenal of road bikes to donate to the local high school, with the goal of creating a “bike library”.

Students will learn bike mechanics and maintenance, and sign them out on a temporary basis.

In fact, thanks to the influx of bikes onto the island, up to 20 students will be riding side by side with Vande Velde and the other cyclists.

“One of our goals is to also promote personal fitness and healthy living,” said Howard Chang, a homeowner on Exuma and the founder of the race. “The people of Exuma are amazing, and we really have an opportunity to make a difference here. The community has embraced cycling culture, the seeds have been planted, and I’m excited to watch it grow.”

There are still a few spots available for this unique experience. Write us to learn more about Ride for Exuma and book secure your spot. Special rates at Grand Isle are available.

Donations are welcomed and tax receipts for Canadian and American tax payers can be issued.


GIV Bahamas unveils flagship website

GIV Bahamas Inc. presents its assets, affiliates and company news all on one easy to navigate platform 

It all began more than 12 years ago, when Peter Nicholson was introduced by a friend to Tyrone Munroe.

Nicholson had been in the finance and tax reduction business for years. Munroe, a successful operations manager, was born in The Bahamas, and lived in Canada for about 30 years.

home-2016-02Nicholson was interested in offering the ultimate tax shelter for his Canadian clients. As Canadians, if you spend more than half the year abroad, the country you call home is where you pay income and capital gains tax. In the case of The Bahamas, that tax is zero. For Munroe, who left The Bahamas decades earlier seeking opportunity, he would now find it back in his homeland.

Fast forward a few years, and several investments later, the two are pleased to unveil the website of their flagship operation, GIV Bahamas Inc. providing an expansive platform of company interests and investments in Exuma, The Bahamas.

“It is with great pride that GIV Bahamas Inc. offers this platform to prospective investors, villa renters, villa buyers, or anyone who wants to learn more about what we do,” said Shonalee Munroe, the CEO of GIV Bahamas Inc. “From real estate, to marketing, to restaurants, to government relations, to media relations, to philanthropy and community works, we are proud of the work we do and what we have been able to accomplish in The Bahamas.”givexuma1-11

In addition to the villas for rent and sale at Grand Isle Resort, the website reviews GIV Bahamas Inc. many programs and affiliations, such as the Run for Pompey, When Pigs Swim™, Ty’s Sunset Bar & Grill, Catch A Fire, Prospect Point House, the Exuma Foundation of Canada and the Ride for Exuma.

The new website also includes a “News” section, along with an upcoming “Exuma Guide”, which will provide a full list of recommended Exuma resorts, restaurants, attractions, historical points of interest and everything else in between. The guide will serve as a website version of the existing Exuma Dream App, which can be downloaded to your smartphone from Google Play or the Apple Store for free.
As GIV Bahamas Inc. continues to grow, giving back to the community has been a focus for the company’s leadership.  “Together we can achieve much and bring Exuma into the mainstream economy of The Bahamas for generations to  come”, says Munroe, Partner and Director of GIV Bahamas Inc.

Run for Pompey, an annual run for the island, has continued to attract runners on the island and from abroad; raising thousands of dollars each year for The Pompey Scholarship. This award is given annually to a high school student so he or she can attend university or

Ride for Exuma, an annual cycling event, raises money for a variety of needs on the island. Last year, the ride helped to purchase a hospital bus with the money raised.  The will be used to assist the sick and elderly in reaching the island’s brand new hospital.
GIV Bahamas Inc. hgivexuma-263as representatives on the Board of the Directors of both the Exuma Foundation and the Exuma Foundation of Canada.

“Exuma is part of who we are,” said Nicholson, Partner and  Director at GIV Bahamas Inc. “We believe rising tides lift all boats, and we are committed to growing with Exuma and making it a better place in the process.”